Penelope Hart

Penny Hart has found herself in an odd situation.  She’s lost in a city alien to her with no family or friends with, and through a strange set of circumstances, an enchanted chunk of metal stuck in her foot that gives her the ability to fly.  That last bit ends her in the custody/employment Harker Institute for Super-Natural Studies.  While some people would be overwhelmed Penny’s taking all this magic and mayhem in stride and trying to have as much fun as she can, given the circumstances.

Penny’s had to fend for herself, more or less, for a long time making her very independent and slightly stubborn.  Because of her past she’s suspicious of authority figures but a good first impression goes a long way.

Darren Hunts

Darren Hunts is the first friend Penny makes in London and the person who introduces her to the Harker Institute.  He actually doesn’t work at the Institute, everyone just thinks he does because he’s always there.  Darren’s always been surrounded by supernatural science, and he loves it, his life is like one big adventure story.  Because of this he tends to think in unconventional ways and finds himself in trouble more often than not.

Darren’s greatest gift, and biggest fault, is his unwavering curiosity.  His mentality is something like “if you don’t jump in, you’ll never know how deep the water is.”  Sure he’s heard the phrase “curiosity killed the cat,” it’s just as a rule he doesn’t listen to idioms.


William Honeycutt

Will is Darren’s oldest friend.  The two shared a dorm in school, until Darren got them both expelled that is (but that’s a story for another time).  Unlike Darren, Will actually does work for the Institute as a page in the records department.  For somebody who works at a center for supernatural studies, Will does everything he can to avoid adventure.  He would like nothing more than to do his job well and work his way up and then go home and relax.  But having Darren as a friend doesn’t really help his ambitions as he is continuously pulled into his schemes.  Will is pretty certain that Darren will get him fired one day.


Oliver Hunts

Oliver Hunts is the Head of the Security Division for the Harker Institute and also Darren’s father.  Hunts worked his way up to his position, but has never been one for ambition and tries to stay as far away from politics as possible.  The only thing that matters to him is that he does his job well so people don’t get hurt.  He is a no-nonsense man, which can make him very intimidating at times, but he is always just and resonable.

His job is made considerably harder by the fact that his son causes a good deal of the trouble he has to fix.




Secondary Cast

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