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Currently Updating

String Theory - An extended origin story of a soon to be supervillian with increasingly beautiful coloring


…..Dr. McNinja - Crazy Awesome personified

Goodbye Chains - two neer-do-wells in the wild wild west some of the best character writing out there…..What Birds Know - you know those movies where three girls go into the woods and you know they're doomed, thats this

Zebra Girl - My favorite webcomic of all time…..Skin Horse - A crossdresser, a zombie, and a talking dog walk into a government organization . . . ouch

Vattu - From the creator of Rice Boy, theres a tribe of people and . . . well I don't really know where the stories going but boy is it interesting…..Gunnerkrigg Court - Antimony Carter realizes her school is stranger than it first appears, and it appears really wierd to begin with.  Quite possibly brilliant

Jonny Wanderer - "I don't fear death just what it takes to get there" the adventers of the writer, artist and their friends, it's delightful…..Lackadaisy Cats - imagine a Tarrintino 20's gangster film - BUT WITH CATS

Love Me Nice - Who Framed Roger Rabbit as a slice-of-life romantic comedy…..Family Man - Incredibly well researched historical webcomic that may or may not be about werewolves

Namesake - The tale of two sisters who get seperated and intwinned with the Ancient Conspiracy of Fanfiction



Order of the Tales - From the world of Rice Boy, it's about - you know what, just read it

Rice Boy - An EPIC story about a rice boy who may be a savior as well, it's like Tolkien on LSD

Narbonic - Love among mad science and a LOT of gerbils

Inverloch - beautiful high fantasy

Pheonix Requiem - victorian (sort of) ghosts

Digger - A wombat finds herself in a world stranger than the one where there are talking wombats

Hiatus of DEATH (still worth it though):

Hanna is Not a Boy's Name - A zombie narrates the missadventures of Hanna makeshift wizard and detective

Cealdian - King December takes the throne after his father's death but there are already plans against him (beautiful art and complex writing)

The Meek - Drooling tigers, sideburns, naked ladies what else do you want